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Q and A

Q) How much does it cost to get started?
A) That's up to you! Yes, believe it or not, we at More Local Calls give all of our clients the option to decide what they are willing to offer in return for our services. Often times getting started is far less than they imagine (sometimes even free.)

Q) Can you explain the "That's up to you!" statement?
A) We're hear to help our clients grow and prosper, not to stress their budget and put them out of business. So we need to find a budget that works for you and for us. Once our clients experience our efforts they quickly understand why the right marketing and advertising company is worth spending money on. We just ask our clients to keep one thing in mind; our relationship must make us both happy. Our services take real work requiring real time by real people so while we wouldn't ask you to provide your services below a reasonable market value we ask that you please don't ask us.

Q) Can you explain the "sometimes even free" statement?
A) Each month More Local Calls selects one new client in need (this is usually a new start-up or a struggling business) and we offer them our vast array of services completely Pro Bono. And we don’t start charging until they see results, and even then, what they are willing to spend is up to them. And to be clear, our definition of "seeing results" is "paying customers buying product" - Not clicks, not just views.. but paying clients.

Q) How can I start a business and use the web without a large website investment?
A) To start a business what you need IS paying customers. You don't "need" to own a building, you don't "need" to own your own vehicles, and you don't "need" to bear the cost and complexity of an extensive website construction process - at least not if you choose to work with us. 

Q) My cousin Vinnie knows computers, how can you be more effective than him?
A) OK, we like to have fun, but while you may find this question funny, we’ve heard it and we’ve dealt with it. The simple truth is, you wouldn’t allow the guy who changes the oil in your car to rebuild your transmission (even though he "sort of" knows how a transmission works,) and you wouldn’t allow the cable guy to install your electric stove (even though he knows what electricity is and might have the tools.) And lastly, you wouldn't enter a court room using as your "attorney" a guy who claims to have read all the law books but has never practiced law or defended a case. That’s why our company exists. Our talent is a specialty, and like many others, it truly is all about the talent + the experience. We achieve above average results because we know the big picture and we comprehend how it all fits together, and we’ve been getting these results for years, and when we don’t get the results we desire we know where to look and what to change. With all that said, if you feel more comfortable with your cousin Vinnie then we're OK with that too.

Q) What are your business rules of engagement?
A) We have only one hard rule and that is that our clients feel certain at all times that our relationship is a true win-win. So if a client feels we’re not performing we want to hear about it. And if we can’t deliver on their expectations... then they may cancel without notice.

Q) What is the More Local Calls guarantee?
A) Well, there are actually two guarantees. First, if you're willing to start slow, we setup your account at no charge and we start to deliver results before you pay us anything. The method behind our madness is to get you to a more aggressive level of marketing but only after we prove to you that marketing does in fact pay. If at any time you are not happy, with anything, then you may cancel without notice. Second: While we are being paid by you... we will work for a company that is a direct competitor to you in your market.

Q) Why do you require automatic bill payment?
A) We've worked hard to eliminate all of our business inefficiencies. This allows us to give you a great price on our service. We are simply no longer setup to send out bills, collect or transfer monies, and then account for and possibly perform deposits. It simply takes too much time, and that is time that is not going toward increasing your bottom-line. What this really means is that every penny spent with us is used to fund real marketing and advertising efforts designed to grow your business.

Q) What types of clients do you take on?
A) We will gladly investigate any type of business and let you know if we think there is a good fit. With that said here is a short list of our some of current On-line Marketing efforts - Dental marketing, Home Health Care Marketing, Mobile Electronics Marketing, Custom Automotive Products and Services Marketing, Medical Supply Marketing. All of which references can be offered.

Q) How do we get started?
A) That’s the best part! It's easy. Call us today, and start getting More Local Calls than your competion.

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