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More Then SEO

Business Development, Marketing, and much more

To go a step further ask our clients to consider their marketing effort to be inclusive with all business activities, web, order taking, education and training, right up to and including customer service. Here are just some of the issues and questions we seek to address with our clients:

1) What happens when a customer finds your website? (Do you know things like: which pages they visit, how long they stay, if they ever see your contact information, if they are closing out in the midst of the checkout process, with product in their shopping cart, without a purchase?)

2) How many calls are received by way of your web strategies?

3) If you are not personally answering every phone call, do you know how your clients are being handled? How many web calls are going to voice mail? How many potential clients are not being called back, or given the proper information?

4) Are you listening to your clients and potential clients! Are you allowing your online visitors to easily contact you with problems, praise or suggestions?

5) What are you doing "off the web" to stimulate visibility and heighten your brand awareness?

This is just the short list, but it is a process that unfolds chapters of information as you seek to broaden your marketing efforts. Allowing questions such as these to be asked and allowing the change that they suggest will educate and grow you, your staff, and your business. This is a process that few web development companies are experientially equipped to handle.

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