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Active vs Passive

Passive: Most websites are created and left for customers to either stumble on them, be driven to them by advertising, or visit them as a result/consequence of someone handing them a business card. We refer to these websites as Business Card Websites. Passive marketing is a strategy that involves your pursuing customers and guiding them to your doorstep. Also know as ‘outbound’ marketing.

Active: Some websites, usually the successful ones, are designed to be where the customers are when they are in need of the service they provide. When your marketing practices go “active” then customers find you when and where they need you. This could be via Search, or 411, or Word-of-Mouth, or even GPS. Now you’re ready to reap the rewards of ‘inbound’ marketing!

To catch the edge, and activate your marketing, you need to know where to be and when to be there. Be where your customers are looking…and be there when they are there. Then you’ll be actively connected with your customer.

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